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Versace VE2054
Versace VE2140
Versace VE2150Q
Versace VE2160
Versace VE2161
Versace VE2161B
Versace VE2163
Versace VE2165
Versace VE2166
Versace VE2168
Versace VE2172B
Versace VE2173
Versace VE2174
Versace VE2176
Versace VE2177
Versace VE2179
Versace VE2180
Versace VE2181
Versace VE2184
Versace VE2185
Versace VE2189
Versace VE2193
Versace VE2194
Versace VE2195B
Versace VE2196B
Versace VE2197
Versace VE2202
Versace VE2203
Versace VE2205
Versace VE2206
Versace VE2208
Versace VE2209
Versace VE2210
Versace VE2211
Versace VE2212
Versace VE2213
Versace VE2214
Versace VE2215
Versace VE2216
Versace VE2217
Versace VE4260
Versace VE4275
Versace VE4281
Versace VE4290BA
Versace VE4292
Versace VE4295
Versace VE4296
Versace VE4299
Versace VE4307
Versace VE4312
Versace VE4322
Versace VE4324BA
Versace VE4333
Versace VE4337
Versace VE4338
Versace VE4341
Versace VE4343
Versace VE4345B
Versace VE4346
Versace VE4347
Versace VE4348
Versace VE4348A
Versace VE4350
Versace VE4351B
Versace VE4351BA
Versace VE4353
Versace VE4353A
Versace VE4353BM
Versace VE4354B
Versace VE4354BA
Versace VE4355B
Versace VE4356
Versace VE4357
Versace VE4357A
Versace VE4358
Versace VE4358A
Versace VE4359
Versace VE4359A
Versace VE4360
Versace VE4361
Versace VE4362
Versace VE4363 GRECA AEGIS
Versace VE4364Q V-ROCK
Versace VE4364QA
Versace VE4365Q V-ROCK
Versace VE4366
Versace VE4368
Versace VE4368A
Versace VE4369
Versace VE4369A
Versace VE4370
Versace VE4371
Versace VE4372
Versace VE4373
Versace VE4375
Versace VE4375F
Versace VE4376B
Versace VE4377
Versace VE4378
Versace VE4378F
Versace VE4379
Versace VE4380B
Versace VE4380BF
Versace VE4381B

Versace is one designer brand that sets the standard in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to forward-thinking, glam products. The sunglasses collection embodies the same standard of quality, boldness, and uniqueness.

From classic sunglasses to unique edgy designs, Versace offers a wide range of styles for both men and women. For a classic look, traditional frame shapes with minimalistic details are available. For edgy styles, over-sized frames with studded rims and temples can be found in the Versace sunglasses selection. The frames are extremely fashionable and they come in many shape styles like wraparound, rectangle, shield, square, cat-eye, aviator, butterfly and pantos. Large temples with enameled medallions or extravagant temples and hinges with iconic details are both present in this sunglasses selection.

Premium products require high-quality materials, therefore Versace uses Monel, a copper and nickel-based metal commonly used in the manufacturing process of metal frames and Acetate, a cotton-based plastic that produces hypoallergenic frames.

Monel is appreciated for its malleability, corrosion resistance, strength and its ability to retain its shape for long periods of time. On the other hand, the Versace plastic frames made out of Acetate are lightweight, flexible and versatile when it comes to colors, color effects, patterns and textures.

Few different lenses are incorporated in the sunglasses. Some Versace models have gradient lenses that are stylish and that provide the wearer with the possibility of clear vision through the bottom half and higher protection against the sun on the top half; others have mirrored lenses that are not only glamorous but also great for protection against harmful lights since they limit the amount of light entering the eyes. For those who need glare reduction, polarized lenses are included in some Versace sunglasses models.

Classic, edgy and eccentric sunglasses are featured in the Versace sunglasses collection. Women and men can find a proper pair of sunglasses to help them express their style and personality through highly fashionable emblematic Versace sunglasses.

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Versace VE2174 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2140 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2150Q sunglasses
7 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2163 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2168 sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2166 sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2194 sunglasses
5 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2180 sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2202 sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2165 sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2054 sunglasses
2 colors / 2 sizes
Versace VE2189 sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2173 sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2184 sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2160 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2161B sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2176 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2193 sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2203 sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2196B sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2161 sunglasses
5 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2172B sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
Versace VE2177 sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes

109 Results