Versace is a designer brand that surprises its public with distinctive eye-catching products. The eyeglasses collection follows the same pattern. Luxurious glamour is featured in every single pair of Versace eyeglasses that are perfect for wearers that love premium stylish eyewear.

Sophistication, elegance and high quality are the main characteristics of this eyeglasses collection built with premium materials.  Versace offers metal and plastic frames in a wide range of classic styles like: round, oval, square, rectangle and edgy over-sized embellished designs.

Monel is the most used metal in the manufacturing process of eyeglasses frames.  This is the most common metal in the eyewear industry because the frames resulted in the production process are easy to adjust, corrosion resistant and very strong. Another great aspect to take into consideration when talking about Monel frames is the fact that a wide range of frame styles can be designed. Versace’s metal frames have cutting-edge designs while maintaining the strength and stability of the bridges and endpieces.

For the plastic frames, Versace uses Acetate, another material commonly used for its great properties. The frames built out of Acetate enable the possibility of great visual effects. These effects can be easily spotted on the frames and temples of the Versace eyeglasses. Having a cotton seed base, the Acetate plastic frames offer a great natural feel, being lightweight, flexible and durable at the same time.

While talking about Versace, style cannot be excluded! Clean-cut frames, elegant patterns and textures on temples, matching colors on frames and temple tips and other sophisticated details can be found in every pair of Versace eyeglasses. Semi-full, full-rim and rimless frames with simple hinges or decorated hinges are featured in both men’s and women’s collection.

Versace eyeglasses are great for wearers that want to combine sophistication and premium quality into elegant eyeglasses frames.

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Versace Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Versace VE1163M eyeglasses review
on 6 Apr, 2020 by Sidney from Cortez, CO
My 3rd order from this website and I'm still very satisfied with the service. This is now our families go to place for glasses and even lenses! All products we received are in very good condition. And even if it will not fit, you can return for exchange. Very satisfied customer here!
Versace VE1066 eyeglasses review
on 3 Apr, 2020 by Elisha Talbot from Penn Valley, CA
I was hesitant because of a previous experience with another company where in they sent me a glasses that doesn't look new. This order came in pristine condition! I really love the color!
Versace VE3218 eyeglasses review
on 2 Apr, 2020 by Andy V. from Joliet, Illinois
Shows instock then it was shipped the next day! Got them within a week after placing the order! Highly recommended!
Versace VE1259Q V-ROCK eyeglasses review
on 1 Apr, 2020 by Luisa Allison from Suisun City, California
I ordered this for my Aunt and she loves them. (She loves anything versace though lol) - She's very happy with the item and it came with box and all so it's a really good gift. Thanks!
Versace VE1066 eyeglasses review
on 31 Mar, 2020 by Crawfordsville, Indiana from Darlene
I need replacement frame for my lenses. I found several eyewear that I would like to order in the future. Website has really great options wtih some good navigations
Versace VE1259Q V-ROCK eyeglasses review
on 26 Mar, 2020 by Samina Perez from Saco, Maine
Thank you very much for the amazing customer assistance!!! The glasses I originally ordered did not fit well on my face and I had to do an exchange. This one fits perfectly and I really love the shape!
Versace VE3269 GRECA AEGIS eyeglasses review
on 25 Mar, 2020 by Nolan from Springfield, Missouri
I'm a huge fan of this specific frame. I browk mine accidentally. I ordered 2 pairs of this, one witb prescription. Items are well packed and lenses are perfect with anti glare
Versace VE1257 eyeglasses review
on 20 Mar, 2020 by Garry Collins from Georgia
I have the same exact glasses but they broke and needed a replacement. I received my order and it's exactly the same! I'll just need an expert to transfer the lenses.
Versace VE3266 eyeglasses review
on 19 Mar, 2020 by Tania Wilson from New Jersey
To be honest, we were not expecting much because of past experience from other online orders. But we are very satisfied with this order. The frame is very beautiful and lenses are perfect. My husband loves it!
Versace VE3271 eyeglasses review
on 11 Mar, 2020 by Mhyra from Virginia
Ordered the transparent one and it's just perfect! Shape suits my face and my boyfriend loves how it looks on me. Yey!!