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Versace Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Versace VE3218 eyeglasses review
on 16 Jan, 2020 by Nathan from Missouri
I orderd the black sand color with prescription. The lenses are great and with transitions. The black sand frame is very classy and still edgy and sharp style. Best glasses I had so far.
Versace VE1163B eyeglasses review
on 15 Jan, 2020 by Samara Mckenzie from Redwood City, California
Got this on sale for only $129!!! I really love the style and details on the temples. The best deal I found for this glasses. WOOOOOOOW
Versace VE1263 eyeglasses review
on 14 Jan, 2020 by Carrie-Ann from Cresco, Iowa
I ordered the glasses last Christmas and just writing a review today because my husband just told me again how much he loves his new glasses and I thought I should put a review on the website to thank you.
Versace VE1175B eyeglasses review
on 13 Jan, 2020 by Jackie F. from Louisville, Kentucky
It is on back order when I ordered it but waiting is fine for receiving an authentic nice frame. 4 stars for now due to delay but I know it is not your fault but hoping you will have a live inventory although I appreciate your email updates.
Versace VE3269 GRECA AEGIS eyeglasses review
on 9 Jan, 2020 by J. Andre from Greene, NY
I skeptical at first since it's my first time ordering glasses online. I got my glasses yesterday and they look exactly as what you see in the picture and they are just PERFECT! The company is legit and it's an authentic versace. My friend is interested in ordering too after seeing my new glasses. I hope there is a referral award or something. anyway, thanks a lot!
Versace VE3269 GRECA AEGIS eyeglasses review
on 7 Jan, 2020 by D. Lock from Murrieta, California
Nice frame and lenses. Saved a lot. Thanks for a good price product.
Versace VE1175B eyeglasses review
on 30 Dec, 2019 by Joan Dendot from Lincoln, Nebraska
Now I know why these frame is popular. It is really beautiful. The metal, color and design. No regrets in ordering. Thanks!!!
Versace VE1163M eyeglasses review
on 27 Dec, 2019 by Ruth from California
Glasses on web never fails me. This is my 3rd order already (Ordered reading glasses initially and another one for my boyfriend). I ordered another glasses for driving with transitions. I had to wait for about 2 weeks but when I finally got the glasses today, it's all worth the wait!!!!
Versace VE1163M eyeglasses review
on 24 Dec, 2019 by Lucia from Kentucky
I ordered glasses last October, the glasses still looks good as new even with everyday use. The lenses are also superb, no scratches and crizal coating is the best! I just want to share how happy I am with the glasses I ordered. Merry Christmas to all
Versace VE1175B eyeglasses review
on 23 Dec, 2019 by Rona from Lincoln, Nebraska
Awesome. Received my glasses. Looks great on me.