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Vogue Sunglasses Customers Reviews

Vogue VO2993S sunglasses review
on 28 Apr, 2016 by Vivian K. from Gurnee, USA
Beautiful glasses, GREAT price. Frame a little big for my face.
Vogue VO2652S sunglasses review
on 8 Apr, 2011 by David H. from wollongong, Australia
very good service 10/10
Vogue VO2568S sunglasses review
on 24 May, 2010 by Roberta Melo from DELRAY BCH, USA
Vogue VO2561SB sunglasses review
on 23 Apr, 2010 by Tim Bridges from oakland, USA
I had another pair of these glasses... and I LOVED them!!!!! You know...when you find a pair of shades that look good and fit right and are comfortable... You sort of get attached to them! Well... about 2 weeks ago... I SAT ON MINE AND SMASHED them!!!!! I was sooooo sad! I was going to pay 65.00 to have them fixed.... then I looked on line and found them here!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!! They got here quick and I was rollin' again in no time!!! XOXOXOXO Thanks! Shannon Oakland, CA
Vogue VO2513S sunglasses review
on 22 Apr, 2010 by Roberta Melo from DELRAY BCH, USA
very good
Vogue VO2568S sunglasses review
on 7 Apr, 2010 by Andrea F. from Copper Harbor, USA
Great price, quality... I did try first at one store were they have it, so i make my shopping sure that this were the ones for me. I love it!