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Oakley Sunglasses Customers Reviews

Oakley OO9096 FUEL CELL sunglasses review
on 12 Oct, 2019 by Mom of 2 from
The glasses are the quality you would expect from Oakley and fit well. The polarized lenses make some lights look strange such as the dash in my car but work really well for cutting glare. They have limited blind spots which is important to me.
Oakley OO9096 FUEL CELL sunglasses review
on 11 Dec, 2019 by Mark from Chicago
I have had Maui Jim Sports and tried on these Bottle Rockets at a Macy's when I thought I wanted to switch to more sporty Flak Jackets. I truly love how light weight these glasses are and fit perfectly. I wear a 7 12 fitted hat and these fit perfectly. Great job Oakley and think I may purchase a 2nd pair for my briefcase when traveling and vacations.
Oakley OO9096 FUEL CELL sunglasses review
on 12 Apr, 2019 by Brent Jennings from
I owned a pair of Oakley Bottle Caps for many years and bought replacement lenses several times. Oakley discontinued the replacement lenses eventually so I bought Revant lenses. They look exactly the same but won't stay in if dropped. These Oakley Bottle Rockets are even better then my trusty Bottle Caps. They are more sturdy and grip my temples better due to the soft rubber inserts on inside of ear pieces. Lenses are about 18 inch taller. Very Dark lenses perfect for glare off snow or water. They are wider at the bridge of the nose so that they fit tight against my face. Perfect for skiing and boating..
Oakley OO9096 FUEL CELL sunglasses review
on 16 Mar, 2019 by Josh from
I have a "large" hat size just to give you an idea. These fit snugly around the temples without actually being tight. They are very comfortable. They do not slip down on the nose. And the curve of the lens is just right to block light from getting in around the sides. The lens is a smokey gray with a "slight" mirror surface which offers privacy. They are very well polarized. I cannot complain about anything. I think they would be sturdier if they were metal framed but they they would likely be heavier and not as comfortable. They really are VERY comfortable, they are really good. My new favorite shades.
Oakley OO9406 SUTRO sunglasses review
on 15 Nov, 2019 by Harold C from
When I received mine in the mail the lens had been popped out of the frame. When I assembled everything back together, the lens doesn't seem to sit securely in the frame. When cleaning the sunglasses from the inside, with even just a little pressure the lens will pop out. This seemed odd, so I filed a warranty claim and it's covered, but I'm upset that I had to even go through this process in the first place. Other than that, I love them. PS if you like to hang your glasses in your helmet so you can ride wo them, be careful, the frame arms are slick and they can slide out of your helmet very easily. I wear these glasses with croakies.
Oakley OO9406 SUTRO sunglasses review
on 4 Jul, 2019 by Alvaro Ramirez from
I use these glasses while training on my bicycle. Has a nice comfortable feel for long hours of use. Don’t even notice I have them on. Comes with a nice carrying case and cloth sleeve.
Oakley OO9406 SUTRO sunglasses review
on 14 Jun, 2019 by Jonathan Pring from
Went cycling for 100 miles with these on so far and no slippage, fogging, or sweat marks that were too distractive. Get lots of looks rocking these. Aesthetics meets function. Oakley knocked this one out the park. Highly recommend.
Oakley OO9406 SUTRO sunglasses review
on 17 Aug, 2019 by Eric Weidner from
These bad boys are amazing. Gonna buy another pair in white. Im 6'4" and these fit my big German head. Super lightweight, well constructed. and of course come with the quality youd expect from Oakley.