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Nike Customers Reviews

Nike NIKE 7071/2 eyeglasses review
on 6 Apr, 2020 by Kurt from Lumberton, North Carolina
Gotcha! Thank you for the discount on the lenses as well for the cheap but authentic eyeglasses!
Nike NIKE 7092 eyeglasses review
on 3 Apr, 2020 by C. Freeman from Calhoun, Kentucky
This frames are good looking while being durable. Lenses are great!
Nike NIKE 5017 eyeglasses review
on 2 Apr, 2020 by Alvin L. from Winner, South Dakota
My son frames broke and he has nothing to wear. Gladly I ordered from you guys, it is really a great savings to me.
Nike NIKE 7071/2 eyeglasses review
on 1 Apr, 2020 by Barry M. from South Bend, Indiana
I looked this one on local stores and found on your website with a great discount. Happy and satisfied with what I bought from you!
Nike NIKE 5090 eyeglasses review
on 31 Mar, 2020 by Paolo from Arizona
It is really amazing that this frame is for real authentic and the lenses are premium. I have compared it to the eyeglasses of my son and I was amazed. Thank you so much glasses on web!
Nike NIKE 8097 eyeglasses review
on 30 Mar, 2020 by H. Pierce from San Jose, California
This frame is very stylish, and well designed. It is a great combination of comfort and durability. Really like it.
Nike NIKE 5002 eyeglasses review
on 27 Mar, 2020 by P. Ellis from Macon, Georgia
Ordered one frame with prescriptions for my son, discounts for the lenses were applied automatically. Good website, very fast and useful. Thank you so much!
Nike NIKE 5509 eyeglasses review
on 26 Mar, 2020 by Peter C. from Chicago, Illinois
Gotcha! Nicely done lenses, clean and accurate. My son loves it and the frames are great. Thanks!
Nike NIKE 7092 eyeglasses review
on 25 Mar, 2020 by Justin from Biloxi, Mississippi
The frames fit perfectly and I can’t wait to get my prescription put into them. Beautiful frames and came with a great case and has a 1 year warranty. One thing I was disappointed is the time frame but the most important the product is authentic. Thank you!
Nike NIKE 5017 eyeglasses review
on 24 Mar, 2020 by Don W. from Corydon, Indiana
My son have a poor eyesight so he really needs eyeglasses. I picked this one because it is good in design, upon delivery, it is great and fits well to him. The lenses were perfect. Thank you so much!