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Koali Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Koali 6663K IVY eyeglasses review
on 27 Mar, 2012 by Terri from USA
I have eight pairs of Koali frames and LOVE them all! Expecially love the Ivy in purple and green!
Koali 6694K IVY 2 eyeglasses review
on 22 Sep, 2011 by Laura from
I have a pair in white and have never seen another soul with the same kind. Just about every day I have people stopping me telling me how cute these are, so I stopped wearing my contacts!
Koali 6747K IVY eyeglasses review
on 13 Dec, 2010 by Donna from Saskatoon,Sask,Canada
I ordered just the frame, as I have seen the same item in Saskatoon. The size was exactly what I was looking for. The frame fits perfectly and arrived in excellent condition. The cost was considerably less than I was able to purchase here and the delivery arrived in 1 week to the day I ordered. (by mail) As leery as I was about ordering on line I am thankful I did....Donna