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Juicy Couture Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Juicy Couture Juicy 119 eyeglasses review
on 24 Jun, 2017 by Karen from Honolulu, USA
These are my favorite style, I'm very sensitive, and I get a headaches easily with most styles so when I tried these the 1st time in the Dr.'s office I bought 3 of the blue. However, my Dr no longer carries these brand/style so I bought here. Unfortunately the blue are discontinued so only the Havana is available, which was fine. I was surprised at how fast it came, I live in Hawai'i and it usually takes 1-2 weeks to for anything to get shipped here, but these took 2-3 days. Very impressed.
Juicy Couture Juicy 119 eyeglasses review
on 24 Feb, 2016 by Renee Holt from Seattle, USA
I love these glasses. I have a small face and regular size frames can overpower my face. These glasses are a great fit (they come in two sizes) are hip enough to be different, but also suitable for a professional look. They have spring hinges and the parts that go from the frame to your ears are metal, which avoids the expansion from body heat that happens when plastic is used. Incredible frames at a great price!
Juicy Couture Juicy 124 eyeglasses review
on 6 Feb, 2016 by Randi S. from Lawton, USA
Customer Service was beyond excellent. I absolutely love the glasses and I got 2 pair for the price the store in my town wanted to charge
Juicy Couture Juicy 138 eyeglasses review
on 19 Sep, 2015 by Nona Sirakova from Redmond, USA
Awesome quality and service! Keep it up folks!
Juicy Couture Juicy 122/F eyeglasses review
on 20 Apr, 2015 by Judy Mcdonald from Portland, USA
I love these glasses! I tried them on in an optical shop and knew I had to have them, but the price there was too much for me to afford. I found the exact same pair online at your website for over $100 less than the store I originally saw them at. The glasses were shipped to me quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I am extremely happy and will purchase from this company in the future.
Juicy Couture Juicy 901 eyeglasses review
on 19 Feb, 2015 by Cheryl Ter Haar from Scottsdale, USA
I tried to find these frames everywhere in my area and was unable to - Allbrands was able to get them to me in 5 days and at a great price! Love them!!!
Juicy Couture Juicy 913 eyeglasses review
on 25 Nov, 2014 by Katie Lange from Minden, USA
Great service!! The only thing I would change is for processing and shipping took a little linger than I expected.
Juicy Couture Juicy 122/F eyeglasses review
on 26 Oct, 2014 by Sandy B from Brunswick, USA
same frames in my Dr's office, less than half the price!! I will just take them to the local costco to get the lenses.
Juicy Couture Juicy 132 eyeglasses review
on 23 Sep, 2014 by Michelle Burnes from Hockessin, USA
Extremely satisfied in all aspects of this purchase. Saved half the price from what the retail boutique was selling for. Received the glasses super fast (exceeded expectation). Arrived in mint condition. Easy online ordering. I will definitely recommend . It will now be my GO TO for future ordering. Thanks for the great service!
Juicy Couture Super eyeglasses review
on 17 Jul, 2013 by Amy Hamilton Scott from Atlantic Beach, USA
I bought these for my daughter who is starting middle school. She and I both love them! She has been wearing glasses since she was 5, this is her second brand of Juicy glasses. The other is now her back up pair. They hold up well and are very stylish! All her friends comment how they want her glasses.