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CHESTERFIELD Customers Reviews

CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 21 XL eyeglasses review
on 9 Jun, 2016 by Victor Herrera from Houston, USA
I am enjoying the pair of glasses I received and would like to thank you all for them.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 812 eyeglasses review
on 7 May, 2016 by James Wieter from Akron, USA
Ordered these frames (to replace broken ones) after problems with another company. Price was a bit cheaper and delivery very quick. What more could you want? Excellent!
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 812 eyeglasses review
on 7 Mar, 2016 by Ben Pryor from Berkeley, USA
all was good
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 19XLT eyeglasses review
on 26 Apr, 2014 by Jerry e. from Elizabethton, USA
I already have a pair of these frames that I purchased from my Optometrist, however, I have since changes Drs and the new one did not have this product. He suggested I try online and pleasantly surprised to find the exact frame at a lower price. I am very pleased and would recommend these to anyone.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 812 eyeglasses review
on 22 Nov, 2013 by Gary M. from Richland, USA
I was very pleased with the value I received in purchasing these frames. Delivery was prompt.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 06 XL eyeglasses review
on 25 Jul, 2013 by Tom Tomlinson from Simi Valley, USA
My optometrist's office actually suggested I try buying on line to save some money when I went in to order a replacement for a pair of glasses that got lost. It was very easy to locate the exact frame I wanted, and to specify the type of lenses and coatings I needed. I had my new glasses within a week and a half of placing the order, and they are perfect. At the bottom line, I saved over half the cost of doing it through my optometrist's office.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 833 eyeglasses review
on 18 Feb, 2013 by Theodore F. from Morgantown, USA
Great job! Product came fast and was an exact replacement for my broken frame. It took just a couple of minutes and I was back in business. Thanks.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 16 XL eyeglasses review
on 10 Oct, 2012 by Orlando G. from Altadena, USA
These are the best glasses that I found in my size. I didn't expect them to be of such good quality. I love these.
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 688 eyeglasses review
on 4 Oct, 2012 by Michael H. from Kelso, USA
Good to do business with. Couldn't find these frames any cheaper anywhere. The price was $88.00
CHESTERFIELD Chesterfield 839 eyeglasses review
on 24 May, 2012 by Henkin from
I discovered these frames for sale at a local optical shop and fell in love with them, but they wanted almost $200. I did a number of internet searches and found them here for a great price. They arrived promptly, and I'm very happy with my purchase.