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Calvin Klein CK5970 eyeglasses
color: (318) (318) OLIVE
size: 54-17-145
$188.00 $90.00
Calvin Klein CK18304 eyeglasses
color: (310) satin cargo
size: 53-16-145
$263.00 $126.00
Calvin Klein CK19105 eyeglasses
color: (345) cargo havana
size: 52-19-140
$263.00 $126.00
Calvin Klein CK18122 eyeglasses
color: (310) satin cargo
size: 54-16-140
$213.00 $102.00
Calvin Klein CK5967 eyeglasses
color: (315) (315) STRIPED GREEN
size: 55-18-140
$238.00 $114.00
Calvin Klein CK19302 eyeglasses
color: (310) satin cargo
size: 54-15-140
$198.00 $94.80
Calvin Klein CK19510 eyeglasses
color: (312) cargo/bone
size: 54-17-140
$188.00 $90.00
Calvin Klein CK19569 eyeglasses
color: (329) matte crystal light green
size: 55-18-145
$188.00 $90.00
Calvin Klein CK19312 eyeglasses
color: (307) matte forest green
size: 55-19-145
$263.00 $126.00
Calvin Klein CK19719F eyeglasses
color: (319) green horn/sage gradient
size: 54-19-145
$298.00 $142.80
Calvin Klein CK19571 eyeglasses
color: (329) crystal light green
size: 52-19-145
$188.00 $90.00
Calvin Klein CK19145F eyeglasses
color: (316) matte olive
size: 53-19-145
$288.00 $138.00
Calvin Klein CK19151 eyeglasses
color: (306) matte hunter
size: 50-20-145
$338.00 $162.00
Calvin Klein CK19528 eyeglasses
color: (320) crystal olive/moss
size: 56-19-145
$188.00 $90.00
Calvin Klein CK20302 eyeglasses
color: (306) satin hunter green
size: 52-19-145
$198.00 $94.80

15 Results

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Calvin Klein Eyeglasses Customers Reviews

Calvin Klein CK18706 eyeglasses review
on 16 Jan, 2020 by Shari Owens from Far North Dallas, Texas
Heard your site from a friend. Ordered this frame with readers. Lucky got the prescription lenses on 50% off. The eyeglasses looks nice on me. It suits the shape of my face.Will thank my friend for recommending you to me. Thanks a lot.
Calvin Klein CK8533 eyeglasses review
on 12 Oct, 2017 by Cerissa Braun from Portland, OR
My friend recommended this site and although I was skeptical but I gave it a try. I knew what I was looking for so the selection process was fast and easy for me . Took a fraction of time to submit my order . Order was processed and shipped out in just 2 days with delivery way ahead of the estimated schedule. My glasses were packaged perfectly and a detailed receipt of what I purchased was included so I was able to submit the claim to my insurance company without delays . My overall experience was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!
Calvin Klein CK7877 eyeglasses review
on 21 Jan, 2015 by Richard Rothlisberger from Falmouth, USA
Great product, at half the cost of the same frame at my opticians.
Calvin Klein CK533 eyeglasses review
on 15 Jan, 2014 by Mary P. from
I have been wearing this model for many years and it is no longer available in stores. I am so happy that your site still carries this model! It's also less expensive on this site than on the few others that carry this model. Thank you!
Calvin Klein CK7851 eyeglasses review
on 6 Nov, 2013 by Sarah Klunk from Philadelphia, USA
beautifully made, worth every cent. Can't beat the price.
Calvin Klein CK7723 eyeglasses review
on 27 Sep, 2012 by Anthony Conklin from Greenwich, USA
Glasses came earlier than expected Good service Anthony Conklin
Calvin Klein CK7284 eyeglasses review
on 7 Jun, 2012 by Dawn S. from Belleville, USA
I found these frames in an expensive eyeglass store for $359. I was reluctant to pay such a price and decided that I would not be able to get them. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found them through google search and paid only $133 for the frame. They are light weight and ultra chic. Thank you for the economy price on a fabulous designer frame.
Calvin Klein CK7286 eyeglasses review
on 25 Jan, 2012 by Anne Marie Jensen from Oakland, USA
item exactly as described. customer service great, although shipping did take awhile.
Calvin Klein CK536 eyeglasses review
on 12 Jan, 2012 by Harold Demmon from Alameda, USA
My local dispensing optician informed me these frames are no longer available. Well guess what I found them here for far less than any other site. I also was able to get them in a gold finish which my optician original told was not available. Over all this was a good experience and I am happy!!!
Calvin Klein CK536 eyeglasses review
on 3 Nov, 2011 by Scott Bronstein from Long Beach, USA
The eyeglasses frames are a perfect replacement for my broken one. They were shipped promptly and professionally. Highest rating.