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Carrera Airflow/S
Carrera Ca 903/S
Carrera Ca Americana
Carrera Ca Flagtop Ii
Carrera 100/S
Carrera 1001/S
Carrera 1003/S
Carrera 1004/S
Carrera 1005/S
Carrera 1006/S
Carrera 1007/S
Carrera 1008/S
Carrera 1010/S
Carrera 1011/S
Carrera 1012/S
Carrera 1013/S
Carrera 1014/S
Carrera 1016/S
Carrera 1018/S
Carrera 1019/S
Carrera 1020/S
Carrera 1021/S
Carrera 1022/S
Carrera 1023/S
Carrera 113/S
Carrera 115/S
Carrera 118/S
Carrera 122/S
Carrera 123/S
Carrera 126/S
Carrera 127/S
Carrera 130/S
Carrera 132/S
Carrera 133/S
Carrera 134/S
Carrera 141/S
Carrera 143/S
Carrera 149/S
Carrera 150/S
Carrera 151/S
Carrera 152/S
Carrera 153/S
Carrera 154/S
Carrera 155/S
Carrera 164/S
Carrera 165/S
Carrera 166/S
Carrera 167/S
Carrera 171/S
Carrera 172/S
Carrera 173/S
Carrera 177/S
Carrera 180/F/S
Carrera 182/F/S
Carrera 183/F/S
Carrera 184/F/S
Carrera 185/F/S
Carrera 186/S
Carrera 187/S
Carrera 195/S
Carrera 196/F/S
Carrera 197/S
Carrera 198/S
Carrera 199/G/S
Carrera 2004T/S
Carrera 2005T/S
Carrera 2006T/S
Carrera 2014T/S
Carrera 2015T/S
Carrera 2016T/S
Carrera 33/S
Carrera 4005/S
Carrera 4007/S
Carrera 4008/S
Carrera 4009/CS
Carrera 4010/S
Carrera 4011/S
Carrera 4013/S
Carrera 4014/GS
Carrera 5002
Carrera 5003
Carrera 5003/ST
Carrera 5018/S
Carrera 5030/S
Carrera 5039/S
Carrera 5040/S
Carrera 5041/S
Carrera 5042/S
Carrera 5043/S
Carrera 5046/S
Carrera 5047/S
Carrera 5049/F/S
Carrera 5050/S
Carrera 6016/S
Carrera 8002
Carrera 8010/S
Carrera 8011/S
Carrera 8012/S
Carrera 8014/S
Carrera 8018/S
Carrera 8023/S
Carrera 8024/LS
Carrera 8025/S
Carrera 8026/S
Carrera 8027/S
Carrera 8028/S
Carrera 8029/S
Carrera 8030/S
Carrera 90/S
Carrera 91/S
Carrera Bound
Carrera Epica
Carrera Facer
Carrera Glory
Carrera Carrerino 10
Carrera Carrerino 12
Carrera Carrerino 13
Carrera Carrerino 14
Carrera Carrerino 17
Carrera Carrerino 20
Carrera Carrerino 21
Carrera Carrerino 22
Carrera Cool
Carrera Grand Prix 2/S
Carrera Hot
Carrera Huron/S
Carrera New Champion
Carrera New Safari
Carrera Topcar 1

Carrera is an eyewear company that likes to put things on the move. Fast forward thinking is what drives this brand to create great sunglasses for passionate and active people.

The sunglasses line combines cutting edge designs in trademark Carrera frames and natural contemporary touches in classic frames.

Featuring iconic models like Champion but also classic models like aviator, rectangle and wayfarer with contemporary accents, Carrera brings the comfort of sports eyewear into unique style frames perfect for both men and women.

Considered an eyewear innovation, Optyl, the material used to produce some Carrera frames, offers great adaptability and it also weighs 20% less than other plastic materials like Acetate making the frames and sunglasses extra lightweight.

Carrera also uses Polyamide, an injected molded plastic, member of the nylon family, that offers stiffness and flexibility at the same time.  Nylon based frames are very resistant to hot and cold and due to the material properties, some very unique colorful frames can be built. Polyamide injection molded frames are featured in over sized, wraparound and other difficult to produce frame styles. Being a premium material used in sports eyewear,  Carrera uses Polyamide for its hard surface that make the frames resistant to scratches and chemicals.

Stainless Steel frames made from a blend of steel and chromium are also present in Carrera sunglasses line. This material guarantees that the frames are strong but flexible, corrosion resistant and lightweight.   

The lenses used in the production process of Carrera sunglasses offer 100% protection against UV rays and they come in a wide range of styles to satisfy every wearer’s needs.

For those who need clear, sharp images, polarized lenses that reduce glare are featured in some Carrera sunglasses. Also, the brand has sunglasses with mirrored coating that reduces glare reflecting the lighting that fall on the lens’ surface.

Colorful lenses are also included in the sunglasses collection. Dark colors lenses for everyday use and outdoor activities, light colors lenses for enhanced contrasts and great vision, everybody can find a proper pair of sunglasses.

Available in a wide range of styles and colors, Carrera sunglasses are perfect for active people that need protection but don’t want to exclude the opportunity of wearing stylish and unique sunglasses.

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129 Results

5046/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
1001/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$159.00 $82.55
Ca 903/S sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$136.00 $70.85
1007/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
Cool sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$159.00 $82.55
1016/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$215.00 $111.80
143/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
1005/S sunglasses
5 colors / 2 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
Glory sunglasses
8 colors / 1 sizes
$284.00 $147.55
Hot sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$159.00 $82.55
Ca Americana sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$351.00 $182.65
122/S sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
$159.00 $82.55
198/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$181.00 $94.25
8012/S sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$204.00 $105.95
Airflow/S sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$159.00 $82.55
100/S sunglasses
1 colors / 1 sizes
$181.00 $94.25
1004/S sunglasses
2 colors / 1 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
1013/S sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$204.00 $105.95
1014/S sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$181.00 $94.25
1019/S sunglasses
4 colors / 1 sizes
$193.00 $100.10
130/S sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$170.00 $88.40
151/S sunglasses
5 colors / 1 sizes
$204.00 $105.95
166/S sunglasses
6 colors / 2 sizes
$215.00 $111.80
187/S sunglasses
3 colors / 1 sizes
$204.00 $105.95

129 Results