Hugo Boss Sunglasses Customers Reviews

Hugo Boss Boss 0553/S sunglasses review
on 11 Jun, 2014 by Emily Saramak from Stockton, USA
I initially ordered these in May but received an email they were backordered under June 2 so I decided to wait. The customer service department was so helpful; they called me just before they shipped the sunglasses to make sure they were going to the right address (since I had told them in an email I was moving soon). The glasses were packaged like they came straight from the manufacturer and are entirely authentic. I was so skeptical at first ordering from here because of some of the terrifying reviews but if you want the best price and don't mind waiting a month, I would definitely recommend ABG.
Hugo Boss Boss 0316/S sunglasses review
on 10 Oct, 2012 by Jason Crosby from Naples, USA
Confortable, lightweight, and love that they are polarized. Excellent pair of sunglasses.
Hugo Boss Boss 0319/S sunglasses review
on 8 Aug, 2011 by Thomas Caldwell from New York, USA
Nice style, great price point for a pair of good wayfarers.