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Customers Reviews

Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 3 Apr, 2020 by Geneva Y. from Pomona, California
My frame like this was lost. Bought a new one from you because for me this is the best frame. Stylish and perfect to the shape of my face.
Prada PS 04IV eyeglasses review
on 2 Apr, 2020 by Tamika Barnes from Missouri
I have a Prada frame and my husband's frame was lost so I want him to have a Prada frame as well because the quality of this brand is the best. Thanks for offering Prada. I also ordered prescription lenses for this frame. Saw your 50% discount offer so I grabbed that.
Prada PR 11RV TRIANGLE eyeglasses review
on 1 Apr, 2020 by Diane J. from Buffalo, New York
This glasses are odd looking on website but once you have it and wear them, it is really cute at all!
Prada PR 11RV TRIANGLE eyeglasses review
on 26 Mar, 2020 by B. Nieves from Durango, CO
Really love this frame. The color is super nice. I know now why it is best seller on your site.
Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 25 Mar, 2020 by J. Nieves from Bixby North
Prada frame is super nice. Keep up the excellent work.
Prada PR 16MV eyeglasses review
on 24 Mar, 2020 by S. Hall from Edina, Minnesota
I like the Prada frame I ordered from you. It is exactly the same quality of the one I have bought in store. But you have it for a discounted price. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!
Prada PR 18OV eyeglasses review
on 20 Mar, 2020 by S. Hurley from Denver
Ordered the two colors available for this frame. The other one with reading lenses and the other one with distance lenses.
Prada PR 01VV eyeglasses review
on 12 Mar, 2020 by Sheena from Juneau
5 stars for great service for a great item
Prada PR 53UV eyeglasses review
on 11 Mar, 2020 by Lea from Green River,
I got this frame to wear every Sunday only but now I wear it all the time because it is comfortable to wear and nice to look at
Prada PR 16MVA eyeglasses review
on 11 Mar, 2020 by R. Trumble from Worcester