RX5154M CLUBMASTER Ray Ban eyeglasses

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Ray Ban
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Product description

If you're looking for a serious pair of eyeglasses, these unisex glasses for men and women will help you make a statement.

The medium bridge positioning allows for an all-round fit, creating a classic look that suits most.

Adjustable nose pads for your glasses are the ideal solution if you want your Ray Ban RX5154M CLUBMASTER eyeglasses fully customized to fit your face.

More durable than rimless glasses, these affordable semi-rimless frames are light and easy to wear. If you're a lover of books, semi-rimless reading Ray Ban RX5154M CLUBMASTER glasses are a must, as they have no outline below your lenses, giving you a larger better view.

If they were good enough for Fitzgerald, they're good enough for you. Emulate his hipster intelligent look and spend your days contemplating the real beauty of things. These playful square frames will bring out your charismatic youthful side. Be mysterious, be more daring, be a rebel without a cause...just be you. Square glasses are perfect for people with round or oval faces.

If you're one for keeping up with the Jones', you'll love these cool frames. You're the type who wears everything with confidence, which is why these cool eyeglasses are exactly for you.

If you have a rounder face with few angles, opt for angular shaped Ray Ban RX5154M CLUBMASTER frames like these with higher tempers to create a greatly desired longer profile.

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