BE1170 Burberry eyeglasses

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Product description

These are perfect eyeglasses Burberry BE1170 frames for men who don't want to compromise their style for durability - they're fashion accessories for men who like fashion and practicality.

The frames lower bridge will look great if your nose lengh is longer then average. Low bridge will balance overall look and will make your nose looks shorter.

Metal glasses are all the rage and eye fashion has done a 360, meaning metal frames are hot. Comfort and style is key when choosing the right frames for your face, and this is exactly what you'll get with these quality metal frames.

Manufactured with adjustable nose pads, these Burberry BE1170 eyeglasses will help you find the perfect comfort, ensuring no indentations will be left on your face.

If you like to be inconspicuous and not stand out too much from the rest, a pair of rimless frames could benefit you. They're lightweight, practical, and go with most outfits, meaning you won't have to purchase numerous unnecessary pairs of eyeglasses to match your wardrobe. You'll also have the extra-added benefit of having a wider vision field.

Rectangular glasses can bring about many sides of your personality from the more serious professional side to the sporty carefree side. When it comes to versatility these are the perfect glasses to showcase your true character no matter what the occasion is. Best suited for those with rounder faces, these are frames that will add more definition.

With these thick-rimmed nerdy Burberry BE1170 frames you'll be given the opportunity to channel the inner-nerd within you. Clark Kent will have nothing on you when you decide to make a statement with your frames.

If you have a rounder face with few angles, opt for angular shaped Burberry BE1170 frames like these with higher tempers to create a greatly desired longer profile.

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from Brooklyn , USA on
If I had known about your company before I would have saved a lot of money on my frames, your prices are very good along with excellent service.