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Recent customer's reviews

My order was back ordered for over a month, which was not clear on the website. I was emailed after I placed my order with a message about the back order and the option to cancel my order and order something different. I chose to wait for these frames and I am happy with my decision. The frames came in a very attractive case and came with a second pair of lenses (one prescription pair, one non prescription pair). Customer service was pretty helpful when I contacted them about the status of my order. I would order from here again.

Alison V. from IL, USA - February 5, 2015

Very pleased with the amazing prices for new glasses on this site.

Kelly n. from murray, USA - February 13, 2015

I got the best price and they where delivered to my house in two days Amazing! Original case and authentencity paperwork included! Love them !Feel so light on my face and they look so hot!

Lauren C. from Ingelwood , USA - February 8, 2015